Newmarket EATS 2019

NCEP is generously supported through community donations and our annual Newmarket EATS event. We are grateful for your support. Visit our support pagefor more information.

Newmarket EATS, held in November at Newmarket's historic Milllspace offered attendees a taste of the best local cuisine while helping NCEP. This community event was enjoyed by all and a huge success! Our 2021 EATS event has been cancelled, but we look forward to seeing you in 2022!


NCEP is currently offering a rolling grant deadline through June 2022.

NCEP will consider grant proposals from individuals representing non-profit groups who provide services to children and youth in Newmarket, including but not limited to the Newmarket School Department, the Newmarket Recreation Department, etc.

Please visit our grants page for more information.

The Nicholas Popov Memorial Award is a special grant given to a member of the Newmarket Community each year who demonstrates the spirit of personal generosity, kindness, and service. Read more about Nicholas Popov and and the grant named in his honor.

Newmarket Community Education Partnership (NCEP) is dedicated to enhancing social, recreational and educational opportunities for children and youth in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

Established in 2004, NCEP connects and supports the community through grants that fund programs and supplies. NCEP grants have supported a variety of projects including: after-school enrichment programs; anti-bullying curriculum, supplemental athletic equipment; fitness classes; technology for the disabled; nutrition programs; support groups; and financial assistance for summer camp.

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In June, NCEP Board members visited the Rec Department and presented a surprised Amiee Gigandet, Recreation Director, with the 2021 Nicholas Popov Memorial award. The summer camp counselors in training helped celebrate the award that recognizes her work and dedication to Newmarket's children and youth.

NCEP is proud to share  our grant success stories,

information about the projects we're involved with, and updates about our organization. We publish newsletters when we can, and invite you to catch up on our happenings here.

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