Newmarket Community Education Partnership (NCEP) was formed to enhance social, recreational and educational experiences for children and youth in the town of Newmarket. NCEP will consider grant proposals from individuals representing non-profit groups who provide services to children and youth in Newmarket, including but not limited to the Newmarket School Department, Recreation Department, etc.

To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must be an approved 501c(3) tax-exempt organization operating in Newmarket. Students are encouraged to write and submit grants.

Grantmaking priorities:
Grants will be considered that focus on the following priorities:

-Projects, programs and materials that [NCEP grants are available if you work with Newmarkets youth] improve the overall educational and/or social resources for children and youth in Newmarket.

-Projects, programs and materials that create and expand children and youth participation in our community.

-Projects, programs and materials that expand opportunities to Newmarket children and youth with disabilities or who may have limited access to educational or extracurricular experiences.

Grantmaking deadlines:
Typically, NCEP offers two grant cycles per year. Grant deadlines are February 15 and September 15.  If the grant deadline date falls on a holiday, grants are due the day before the holiday.

NCEP is currently offering a rolling grant deadline through June 2023. Maximum grant award during this timeframe is $750.  Please click HERE for a grant application.

Grant amount:

Grants can be awarded for up to $750.
Note: After a period of two years, any unused grant funds shall be returned to NCEP (and used to fund other grants).


School district grants require preapproval from the building administration. Please speak to your building principal for approval before completing the grant application. If your grant request includes technology or anything that will affect district grounds or facilities, please have your request preapproved by the IT or facilities department before completing the application.

Your donations mean we can fund more grants.

Please mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

P.O. Box 536, Newmarket, NH 03857

Or donate online here:


Meghan Fiore, 12th grade English teacher,  2023  Popov Award recipient. Congratulations!

Newmarket Community Education Partnership

Nicholas Popov

Have a project community project that does not exactly fit the grant criteria? Let us know, we may still be able to help! Contact us.

Nicholas Popov Memorial Award   

Nicholas Popov lived all over the world before he came to call Newmarket, New Hampshire his home. During his years here he came to love working with children and often read books to Newmarket elementary school students, telling them, "Even if you are sitting in your room, you can go places with books."

When Mr. Popov passed away in June of 2006 Newmarket lost a great friend. The contributions he made to our town were valuable and personal. He helped others out of love for people, rather than a need for personal gain, and he shared his skills, interests, and time freely.

The Nicholas Popov Memorial Award is given to a member of the Newmarket Community each year who demonstrates the spirit of personal generosity, kindness, and service that Nick radiated through his actions. The recipient of this award must show a commitment to supporting Newmarket's children and youth through actions and efforts promoting that help to build a caring community.

Award recipients receive a grant in the amount of $750-1,500 to be used towards anything that serves our community and supports our children and youth. Past recipients have used their award for items such as: bicycles for PE class; technology, including laptops, iPads, cameras and GPS units; special playground equipment, smartboards, etc. The award is funded by Mr. Popov’s family and administered through NCEP. In recent years, more than one winner has been chosen and the award split accordingly.

Nominations are made by staff members of the Newmarket Elementary School and Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School. Winners are selected by NCEP Board Members. The award is presented during the end-of-year final all-staff meeting.

Nicholas Popov
Memorial Award
  ~ Recipients ~


Meghan Fiore


Jennifer Farnese,
Diane McCormick


Aimee Gigandet

Linda Hopey, Melani Taillon

Holly Geekie, Patty Welch

Nancy Castellon
Sandy Bixby, Anne Tufts


Kathi Al-Darraji,
Delaney Guerino

Jeremy Adams, Nancy M. Miller
Special recognition:Ann Keefe
Annette Blake, Janice Murray
Jocelyn Robinson, Nancy Wood
Linda Albright, Helen Hoffman
Diane Beach, Nancy A. Miller
John Bridle, Linda Dodds
Sheana Thorell, Joanne Lazarus
Nancy Winterbottom
Nancy M. Miller