Newmarket Community Education Partnership

Our Vision
To maintain a respected, financially stable organization in Newmarket that provides: resources to our target population through twice yearly grant cycles; in-kind goods and services donations; and facilitating awards of recognition to unsung heroes who work with children and youth.

About NCEP.

Our Mission
To enhance social, recreational and educational experiences for children and youth in the town of Newmarket.

Our Board of Directors

Nicole Benson moved to Newmarket in 2002 from Wisconsin with the relocation of her husband’s job.  Since that time she had five children, most currently attend school in the Newmarket School District; her son at the Jr./Sr. High School, and her daughters are in the Elementary School.  Nicole enjoys volunteering at her children’s school and church along with volunteering at local elections. Nicole likes Newmarket for many reasons, “I enjoy the strong relationships that I have built here and the people I continue to meet. I have always wanted to make a difference in our world as well as desire to make an impact on our community. I found that NCEP fulfills this goal by serving two of my interests: children and education.”

Heidi Chase moved to Newmarket after graduating from UNH in 1987. She fell in love with the area and the small town feel and never left. She and her husband Cliff raised their two boys in Newmarket and our proud to say they are both Newmarket High School graduates (2000 and 2013). Heidi started NCEP with a small group of women in 2004 after many kitchen table discussions regarding education and the need to provide teachers and staff with additional funding for creative programs, recreation scholarships and equipment needs.  

Lisa Kumph moved to Newmarket in 1997. Her husband and two boys love the small town and strong school community as much as she does. Lisa has been working and volunteering at both the Newmarket Elementary and Jr./Sr. High Schools since 2008. Her passion for the health and wellness of this community lead her to NCEP in 2009 when she wrote her first grant. Seeing firsthand what these grants provide to the kids in community has kept Lisa on the NCEP board ever since. Lisa is  involved in the NJSHS Parent Staff Connection and the Newmarket Substance Abuse Coalition.

Alison Leahy has been a Newmarket resident since 1992. Its working-class history and strong sense of community make her proud to live here. As a busy working mother of three boys (two at UNH and one in the middle school), NCEP has provided her with a way to connect to, and help make a difference for, Newmarket's kids. Grant by grant it has been thrilling to see how NCEP’s efforts are making a direct impact in our community. In addition to NCEP, Alison has been an active member of the Newmarket Jr./Sr. High Booster Club and Project Graduation.

Erica Rowe moved to Newmarket in 2014 after she honorably separated from the U.S. Air Force after 10 years of active duty service. She and her husband have three children, two of which currently attend Newmarket Elementary School. Originally from Texas, Erica enjoys the small town feel of Newmarket, and the passion and dedication of its residents. In addition to being a NCEP board member, she also volunteers with the Newmarket End 68 Hours of Hunger program.

A series of kitchen-table conversations led by local parents inspired the founding of the Newmarket Community Education Partnership (NCEP). The group’s goal was to augment social, academic and enrichment opportunities for local youth, also considering children who have limited access to programs that are already offered in the academic and recreational settings.

NCEP connects and supports the community through grants that fund programs and supplies. NCEP grants have supported a variety of projects including: technology for the classroom; after-school enrichment programs; anti-bullying curriculum, supplemental athletic equipment; fitness classes; equipment for the disabled; nutrition programs; support groups; and financial assistance for summer camp. Please see our News page for more information about NCEP grants.

Funding for NCEP is provided by community donations and grants. Please help us support Newmarket's children and youth.

In 2004 NCEP was officially formed and its 501c3 non-profit status in was achieved in 2007.